Book Online

Make it easy to book any time of the day or night. Don’t put a barrier in front of customers when they’re ready to book.


All bookings go through an approval process to make sure that the details match the manager’s requirements.


Help your guests visualize their event with an embedded virtual tour of your space.


Provide upsell options on every proposal, giving the customer the best event possible and maximizing revenue.

Real-Time Updates

Proposal details are automatically synced when any changes are made, so you can feel confident that you have the most up-to-date information.

Space Amenities

Do you have WiFi? What about A/V setup? Space amenities are built right into the proposal so you can stop answering the same questions over and over.

Custom Payment Policies

Percentage deposits, flat deposits, and final payment due dates are all configurable to meet your restaurant’s needs.


Adjust your minimum spends and rental fees according to on-season / off-season trends.

Flexible Menu Options

Prix Fixe, Family Style, Catering Stations, Buffet… We know every restaurant is different, so we support all types of group menus.

Equipment Rentals

Offer projectors, audio equipment, linens, and any other special equipment request that you provide to your guests.

Minimum Spends

Factor in opportunity cost by setting Minimum Spends based on time of day and day of week so that you’re always maximizing revenue.

Blackout Dates

Block out specific dates and prevent them from being booked.

Bar Packages

Don’t miss the opportunity to upsell your customer on one of your open bar packages.

Table Setup Options

Allow your guests to choose from different table setup options, and provide seated and standing capacities for each option.

Payment Plans

Allow customers to make payments toward an event that’s occurring in the future.

Premium Dates

Define special requirements for premium dates like Valentine’s day.

Booking An Event Doesn’t Have To Be Painful